How much is a gold chain? Rates vary widely based on several factors. The longer the job, the lower the hourly rate.  SSS rates are very competitive and in most cases lower than the market dictates.

How much is a gold chain?  You can spend $500 or $20,000 or more on a website. One of Audi’s websites had a helicopter following one of their cars while it wound it’s way through the Alps.  Six figures, easy.  You can get a very professional looking website if you budget $300 per page.

SSS can host a “normal” CMS database driven website for $16.99 per month with 5 domain email accounts. However, you would be far better off to investigate our ONE-STOP-WEB-SHOP bundles, which include Hosting, SEM & Social Media packages.

Yes. If necessary we will come to your place of business for meetings or other work.


SSS generally operates in the Greater Toronto Area but we have clients in other cities, provinces and countries, some of whom we have never actually met face to face.

Yes, hardware installed by SSS or it’s agents is guaranteed from 30 days to a year depending on the part (new or used). 

Sometimes, depending on the issue. Sometimes fixing computers involves swapping out components until you find the faulty part so we would take it to our technician’s shop and bring it back when it’s fixed.  If you insist that your computers never leave the premises, everything has a price.

In MOST cases, one business day but it depends on the issue and the time of day it’s received. Data recovery and re-installing software and programs is another story.

Yes. Your best option here is to bundle Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with your hosting at a very affordable annual rate. All of our sites are built to be search engine friendly and we can analyze your existing site and fine tune it for you. That’s known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Yes. We have options to set up social media accounts and hand it over to you or manage them for you for an annual fee.  Again your best option is to bundle this with your hosting and SEM.

Yes. Our hosting plans are scalable depending on your resource requirements. It’s a fact of life that customers come and go for whatever reason.  Although we would hate to see you go, we would never prevent you from transferring your hosting out should you come to that decision.

Yes. You can pre-purchase blocks of hours at a very reduced rate and contact SSS whenever you have an issue or need something done. Not only is the hourly rate reduced when you do it this way, you also get higher priority service. When your pre-paid hours run out, you may purchase more.

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